Susanne Dittrich

Artist’s Philosophy

“The sun does not shine for a few trees and flowers, but for the wide world’s joy.”
Henry Ward Beecher


Although one would initially characterize Dittrich’s work as being solely fixated on children, when reviewing the full body of her work, one discovers it goes far beyond that. Dittrich believes in the childlike wonder and eternal optimism of those who hang tenaciously to the power of love.

Dittrich captures moments of elemental hope, kindness and optimism. It’s because of these traits that she has become a favorite of companies like Coca Cola, Ricola, Lego, Pampers, Symrise, and others.

She is exceptional in that her talent transcends media platform. She is an artist first, a technician second. Her photography and video work speak the same language – a language of enchantment and optimism.

Some Awards:

ADC NY: Bronze, Montreaux: 1x Gold, NY Festival:  Finalist, Eurobest Print: 3x Silver
ADC Germany:  1x Silver, 1x Bronze, 1x Auszeichnung, One Show: 1x Silver, 1x Bronze
Cannes: Bronze, Eurobest Film:1x Shortlist, Eurobest Outdoor 3x Silver, LIA:1x Silver